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Funleo starts a partnership with ACUA

Funleo visited Guapi and Timbiquí in the department of Cauca, invited by the African Cultural Assets Program, ACUA,, in order to meet the projects developed by them in the Colombian Pacific coast. Funleo seeks to strengthen initiatives around local food and food production towards the benefit of the communities in the area.




Presenting Results

We are pleased to present the results of the first phase of Creative Labs, Isla Baru: Sazon, Rhythm and Creation, an initiative in which 629 people participated, all of them, inhabitants of the village of Ararca, Santa Ana and Baru, located in Isla Baru.

The beneficiaries, aged between 9 and 90, had the opportunity to assist to the Laboratories in different areas: Dance, Design, Gastronomy, Music, History and Oral Literature, where the activities developed, helped strengthen the social bases as well as  provided tools that allowed them to not only find their roots and recognize their identity, but also improve their quality of life through the development of creativity, productivity training and culture. Furthermore, the project generated 51 direct jobs and 351 indirect jobs, figures beat expectations of the project.

For the implementation of the initiative, FONADE, had the support of the Corporation Sonidos de la Tierra, the Leonor Espinosa Foundation and as an ally the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.

Each workshop has its own history. So this text, through the testimonies and stories of participants and facilitators, photographs and illustrations we want to share the experience of the Gastronomy Laboratories.

Download the Cookbook Barulero Here (In Spanish)

Creative Workshop with new Bienestarina Plus

Bienestarina is a product that everyone has heard about but few know. General Director of the ICBF (Colombian Family Institute) and renowned chef Leo Espinosa, spoke about the peculiarities of the production, distribution and consumption of Bienestarina. Chef Leo taught along with her daughter Laura Hernandez Funleo SOMMELIERE and director, various preparations using this product at Restaurante Mercado parque 93.

With a rich formula that includes minerals for better absorption of nutrients, the nutritional supplement that has accompanied the development million Colombian children have entered the era of innovation. Converted into the new Bienestarina Plus, this highly nutritious food is an invaluable contribution to the lives of 6.5 million Colombians, especially children.

"We know that proper nutrition is key to integrated care and development of our children, and that's why we reformulate the Bienestarina and promote, as well, new recipes with it, "said the Director General (E) of the ICBF, Adriana Gonzalez Maxcyclak.

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