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Under the motto "Gastronomy for Development" Leo Espinosa Foundation - FUNLEO - seeks the acknowledging of Colombian communities’ gastronomic traditions, starting with the appreciation and investigation of the biological and intangible heritage. Thus, it focuses on promoting a food culture that assesses the potential of our traditional cuisine, biodiversity and national identities, as it also aims to highlight local products generating opportunities for rural communities.

Since 2012, FUNLEO leads Social Responsibility strategies in the food industry, as an alternative to strengthen private initiatives in sustainable business management.


  • Identification of biological species for sustainable cuisine.
  • Identification of gastronomic traditions.
  • Preservation and strengthening of gastronomic traditions.
  • Support agrifood processes within the framework of food sovereignty.
  • Visibility of local production.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies for food industry.
  • Gastronomic events.
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  • Bogotá, Colombia
    Calle 27B #6-75. Piso 2, Centro Internacional

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